A Howling Wilderness: 1812 Brant County Home Front

Grade: 7
Booking: All Year

What was Brantford’s role in the war of 1812? Using Brantford’s historical plaques, students will explore the different local characters and events of the War of 1812 relating to Brant County and General McArthur’s raids. Students will also get a hands-on experience of the battlefield by making a traditional remedy used on injured soldiers.


This program is designed to explore the Grade Eight curriculum with a special focus on Brantford. Students will learn about the people, battles, and location of significant events through interactive games. Videos and a hands-on activity making a poultice will introduce students to early medicine used on the battlefield.


Curriculum Requirements:

Grade 7


Canada 1800-1850: Conflict and Challenges

B1. Application: Changes and Challenges

  • B1.1 Analyze social and political values and significant aspects of life for some different groups in Canada between 1800 and 1850.
  • B1.2 Analyze some of the challenges facing individuals and/or groups in Canada between 1800 and 1850.

B2. Inquiry: Perspectives in British North America

  • B2.2 Gather and organize information and evidence about perspectives of different groups on some significant events, developments, and or issues that affected Canada and or Canadians using a variety of primary and secondary sources.

B3. Understanding Historical Context: Events and their Consequences

  • B3.1 Identify factors leading to some key events and or trends that occurred and/or affected Canada between 1800 and 1850.
  • B3.5 Identify some significant individuals and groups in Canada during this period.