Industry and Innovation

Grade: 8
Booking: All Year

Explore Brantford’s history from boom town to ghost town. A group-based creative activity will invite students to explore the role of men, women and children in Brantford’s early 1900’s industrial history. Local industries highlighted in the program will include Massy Ferguson, Brantford Farmer’s Market, Penmen’s, William Buck Foundry and Waterous Engine works. Demonstrate an understanding of how the industrial revolution changed Canadian Society


Students will identify and describe the achievements of local industries who have contributed significantly to the development of Canada. Students will identify and demonstrate an understanding of major developments that affected the working conditions of Canadian workers. Students enjoy using their creativity to create and present a radio program demonstrating what they have learned about a local industry.

Curriculum Requirements:

Grade 8


Canada 1890 – 1914: A Changing Society
  • B1.1 Analyze key similarities and differences in the experiences of various groups and communities in present day Canada, and the same groups in Canada between 1890 and 1914.
  • B1.2 Analyze some of the challenges facing different individuals, groups, and/or communities in Canada between 1890 and 1914.
  • B1.3 Analyze actions taken by various groups and/or individuals in Canada between 1890 and 1914 to improve their lives


The Arts


  • B1. Creating and Presenting
  • B1.1 Engage actively in Drama exploration and role play, with a focus on examining multiple perspectives and possible outcomes related to complex issues, themes, and relationships from a wide variety of sources and diverse communities.
  • B1.3 Plan and shape the direction of a drama by negotiating ideas and perspectives with others, both in and out of a role.