• Title: Brantwood: Together We Care – The Strawberry Hill Story
  • Author: Kathy Sparha

In 1913, The Brantford Sanatorium, built on Strawberry Hill, first threw open its doors to serve the public in the battle against tuberculosis. As society changed its needs and wants, The Sanatorium evolved to rise to the challenge of meeting those same requirements. From tuberculosis to chronic care, from chronic care to tending children with severe developmental disabilities, and finally to supplying said clientele with daily programs and simulation, Brantwood continues in a model of excellence. This book is a brief history of not only this “Institution”, it is a view of the paths that society traveled, a roadmap of our evolution into understanding. One can trace the passageway to enlightenment, as we come to know that, at the end of the day, we, society, are a compilation of people who should relish our diversity of contribution. 51 Pages Black & white photos throughout. Product Dimensions: 5.5X8.5in

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