• Title: Brock's Railroad
  • Author: Tom Taylor

August 23, 1812: Young Ensign Jonathan Westlake sails on the schooner Chippewa toward Fort Erie at the mouth of the mighty Niagra River, escorting Mary Collins for a visit home to meet his parents. But Westlake’s leave is suddenly cancelled and Mary must be left behind. British General Isaac Brock orders him to Virginia to rescue a slave named Alexander the Great, a former sergeant in the King’s Army, who will lead the newly formed Company of Coloured Men. When Westlake falls in love with a beautiful American woman, he begins a quest for his own understanding of freedom while leading his party against pursuing slave catchers, hostile natives, and even the U.S. army. In a race for their lives to escape the hunters, he searches for the location of three secret abolitionists, conductors on the new “underground railroad.” Then, on the cool morning of October 13, 1812, the hunted become the hunters, as all the opposing forces collide in the legendary Battle of Queenston Heights. And Westlake learns that the price of freedom is higher than he ever imagined. This is the second book in a four-part series. ISBN: 978-0-9868961-1-8 Publisher: Hancock and Dean Pages: 338

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