• Title: Brock's Traitor
  • Author: Tom Taylor

Young Lieutenant Jonathan Westlake holds a two-month old unopened letter from the dead General Sir Isaac Brock. He knows these will be the last words he ever receives from his hero and mentor. But the delay in opening it is costly! At the highest levels in York’s garrison, there is a traitor selling vital intelligence to the enemy. Brock’s letter sends Westlake on a deadly mission to find the traitor and his secret accomplices. Battling weather and enemy soldiers, Westlake fights his way across the frozen St. Lawrence River into American territory. At Sackets Harbor, he soon discovers that the largest combined army and naval invasion in American history is in the planning. How does the traitor figure into their plans and where will the bluecoats hit Upper Canada first – Kingston, Niagra, or York (now Toronto)? An enticing barmaid, smugglers, and traitors on both sides teach Westlake that honour has a way of changing its meaning according to the circumstance. This is the third book in a four-part series. ISBN: 978-0-9868961-2-5 Publisher: Hancock and Dean Pages: 332

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