• Title: Buckskin & Broadcloth: A Celebration of E. Pauline Johnson – Tekahionwake 1861- 1913
  • Author: Sheila M. F. Johnston


This is the first generously illustrated biography of the Mohawk poet-performer, E. Pauline Johnson – Tekahionwake. The author has created an exciting volume of anecdotes, letters and poetry, and illustrated it with period photographs and new illustrations by the Six Nations artist, Raymond R. Skye. While the story of Pauline Johnson has been told before, it has never been given the intimacy that this book provides. Tracing her ancestry, moving on to explore her extraordinary stage career; and finally shedding light on Pauline Johnson’s last years in Vancouver; Sheila M.F. Johnston has breathed new life into the compelling story of one of Canada’s brightest literary and stage stars. This book contains over forty poems that are not part of Pauline Johnson’s classic collection of poems “Flint and Feather.” The “uncollected” poems have been culled from archives, libraries and out-of-print books. They shed light on the development of the poet, and enlighten and enrich her life story. “Buckskin and Broadcloth” is truly a celebration of the life of a Canadian hero – one whose legacy to Canadian literature and Canadian theatre is unparalleled. Number of Pages: 254 Number of Illustrations: 96 ISBN: 1896219209 Publisher: Natural Heritage Books Book Size (cm) : 25.5 x 20 x 1.5

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