• Title: Canadian Scientists and Inventors: Biographies of people who made a difference
  • Author: Harry Black

Canadian Scientists and Inventors will show you that Canada has given the world more than hockey and maple syrup. This book of highly readable biographies of Canadian scientists, Nobel Prize winners, and inventors explores the impact these extraordinary Canadians have made not just on Canada, but the world. Entertaining anecdotes and personal details reveal amazing stories of fame, fortune, and folly. Canadians featured range from the familiar – Alexander Graham Bell (telephone), Roberta Bondar (astronaut), Banting and Best (insulin) – to the lesser-known – George Edouard Desbarats (photo printing), Harriet Brooks (radioactivity), Sir William Stephenson (wirephoto transmission). Fascinating reading, their lives illustrate the triumphs and disappointments they faced as they strove for recognition, acceptance, and financial rewards for their innovations and inventions. Readers of all ages will be inspired by the courage, determination, and success of these Canadians who made a difference! ISBN: 1-55138-081-1 Publisher: Pembroke Pages: 1138 27 illustrations Product Dimensions: 6X9in

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