• Title: Elizabeth’s Quest: An historical fiction set in Haldimand/Norfolk/Brant during the war of 1812
  • Author: S. E. Campbell

Elizabeth’s world along the beautiful shores of Lake Erie is being shattered. Chaos strikes her home in the Long Point Settlement of Upper Canada, as the unimaginable has taken place. On September 10, 1813, the Americans defeated the British fleet on Lake Erie. Commander James Benton, Elizabeth’s father, was engaged in the crucial battle and she is desperate to find out what has happened to him. But how? Everyone around her is heading for refuge. The American forces are coming-traitors and marauders are everywhere. She decided to embark on a quest, alone, for her father: a quest fraught with peril, death-and love. Against all odds, Elizabeth stops at nothing until she finds what she is searching for.

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