Promises of Home
  • Title: Promises of Home: Stories of Canada’s British Home Children
  • Author: Rose McCormick Brandon

A band of Child Pilgrims in mass exodus, numbering 100,000, spanning seven decades (1869-1939), arrived in Canada. Like seed, they were scattered from Atlantic to Pacific, not in handfuls as would have been appropriate for children, but in singles, one here, another there. Hampered by the derogatory label, Home Child, severed from their familial connections, against the odds, they took root and became grounded and sturdy enough to change the landscape of our young Dominion. Promises of Home is a collection of their stories. It’s time to cry over the abuses they suffered, to applaud their successes and to say, as a nation, “thank you.” ISBN: 978-0-9780622-5-5 Publisher: Magnolia Press Pages: 197 40 photographs throughout Softcover Product Dimensions: 6 X 9In

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