• Title: The Grand River Navigation Company
  • Author: Bruce Emerson Hill

A detailed account of the “canal fever” along the Grand River during the early 1800s and it was superseded by the “railway fever” of the 1850s. It encompasses a detailed historical account of the founding of the Grand River Navigation Company in 1832; the use of Six Nations’ Funds for financing the construction of locks and dams along the Grand River; the beginning of navigation along the Grand River (1835-1845); the construction of the Brantford canal; and the impact of navigation on the Middle and Lower grand River Valley until the advent of the railway systems in the 1850’s. Charts, maps, and pictures are included in the book. We are indebted to Mr. Bruce Emerson Hill, a former member of the Brant Historical Society, for sharing this interesting information with us. Number of Pages: 134 Number of Illustrations: 39 ISBN: 1-895928044 Publisher: Brant Historical Society Book Size (inches) : 9.75 x 6.75 x 0.5

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