A beautifully illustrated children’s book about a clam that was picked up by a little Native girl named Skawennahá:wi. She took the clam(s) back to here village. The contents were used for food and the shells were made into other things including the making of wampum. There are several learning points; the cycle of life, the beginnings of wampum, what it was made from and its use as well as the balanced connection to nature. This book aligns with the lesson plans in the Six Nations Iroquois Program Teachers Resource Guide. An audio CD and e-book are included. ISBN: 978-0-9811880-8-9, Audio CD ISBN: 978-0-9811880-9-6 Publisher: Real Peoples History; 1st edition 2015 Number of Pages: 28 Illustrations: Illustrated by Jennifer Bettio, Illustrations on every page.

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