Archival Discoveries

Archival Discoveries is a new Brant Historical Society show that discovers documents at the Brant Museum & Archives and learn something new about Brantford’s History.
Airs: Thursdays at 11 AM on Facebook.

Episode 1 – The Von Echa Company
Thursday, October 1

What was this company? When were they around? Where were they located in Brantford? What kind of products did they produce? We’ll explore these questions in our first episode.

Episode 2 – The Waterous Centennial
Thursday, October 8

The Waterous Engine Works was one of the oldest manufacturing industries in Brantford and one of the first manufacturers in Canada to survive 100 years. How did they celebrate this occasion? When did events occur? Did Prime Minister Mackenzie King attend? Tune in to find out.

Episode 3 – Lewis Burwell: Land Surveyor Extraordinaire
Thursday, October 15

Lewis Burwell drew the first map of the Town of Brantford in 1830. This week we will look at some lands owned by Benjamin Canby and who originally bought lots from Lewis Burwell in May 1831.

Episode 4 – The Brantford & Oakland Road Company
Thursday, October 22

An Act of Provincial Parliament created the Brantford Oakland Road Company that travelled from Brantford over the Cockshutt Bridge through farmland and then on towards Oakland. What can we learn about the history of the Cockshutt Bridge.

Episode 5 – Grand Valley Railway
Thursday, October 29

This electric railway had its own powerhouse that supplied transportation from Port Dover to Kitchener and on to Goderich. Learn about the history of this railway and some of the parks that they operated.

Episode 6 – Brant County War Memorial Association
Thursday, November 5

The creation of a War Memorial for Brant County started many years before the unveiling in 1933. Learn about the history of the creation of the monument and additions for WWI in the first of our three part Remembrance Day series.

Episode 7 – Letters of Ray Reeves
Thursday, November 12

Ray Reeves fought for Canada in WWII and hailed from Brantford. But where did he go to do his training? Where did he serve? Did he survive the war? Tune in this week for our second episode of our Remembrance Day series.

Episode 8 – Letters of the Betts Brothers
Thursday, November 19

Frank and William Betts fought for Canada in WWI and were part of the postal corps. Would they survive the front line trenches? Would the Germans attempt to gas them at Ypres? Discover more about these brothers in the last of our Remembrance Episodes.