Walking Tours

General Information

Tours are 75-90 minutes in length.

Admission is free for BHS members. $10.00 for non-members

Difficulty Ratings

Easy – Relatively flat and 2 km of walking

Moderate – Some hills and 3 km of walking

Difficult – Many hills and more than 3 km of walking

Registration is required! Call 519-752-2483 or email information@brantmuseums.ca to reserve your spot.

Gadd’s Alley in Paris Walk [Difficulty: Easy] (approx. 90 minutes)
Saturday, May 4; 10:30 AM starting at the corner of Catherine & Ball streets in Paris. This is a Jane’s Walk down a street in Paris that reveals history and architecture to suit the theme.

Brantford Canal Walk [Level of Difficulty: Moderate, though long] (approx. 105 minutes)
Saturday, May 11; 10:30 AM starting at the loop at the eastern end of Beach Road east of Lock’s Road
Explore the reasons for the Grand River Navigation Co. and what remains of the Brantford Cut of the canal.

Farringdon Burial Grounds Walk [Level of Difficulty: Easy] (approx. 90 minutes)
Saturday, May 18; 10:30am starting at the parking lot for Farringdon Church 
Explore the heritage of some of this city’s most prominent individuals and learn about their accomplishments.

North Downtown Brantford Walk [Difficulty: Easy] (approx. 90 minutes)
Saturday, May 25; 10:30 AM starting at the Brant Museum & Archives 
Nelson, Chatham and Sheridan streets offer insight into the history and development of the city’s downtown.

Mount Pleasant Walk [Difficulty: Easy] (approx. 105 minutes)
Saturday, June 1; 10:30 AM Starting at the corner of Mount Pleasant & Burtch Rd (parking available at the community hall south of the 4-way stop)
Learn about this community starting with its early settlement, and including other significant events.

The Great War Walk [Difficulty: Easy, but long] (approx. 120 minutes)
Saturday, June 8; 10:00 AM (Note earlier time) starting at the VIA Railway Station 
A century ago local citizens were investigating ways to commemorate the veterans of World War I, and recovering from local consequences.

Glenhyrst Gardens Walk [Difficulty: Easy] (approx. 90 minutes)
Saturday, June 15; 10:30 AM starting at Glenhyrst Gardens (20 Ava Road) The gardens have a story to tell that reveals some of Brantford’s history and artistic talents.

War of 1812 Walk [Level of Difficulty: Moderate, though long] (approx. 105 minutes)
Saturday, June 22; 10:30 AM starting at parking area of D’Aubigny Creek Park (across from the Colborne St. W. Firehall)
Learn about the local experiences during this significant conflict, and much more including the consequences (1802-1820).

Earliest History at the Fording Place Walk [Level of Difficulty: Easy, though there are stairs] (approx. 90 minutes)
Saturday, June 29; 10:30 AM starting at Brant’s Crossing Park (Skateboard Park) behind the casino
Discover the earliest history of the Fording Place from the last glacier through time until the American Revolution (glaciation to 1776).