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Thank you Letter From Simon of CCI to Lana Jobe – Executive Director 


On behalf of CCI, our RE-ORG Canada partners – ICCROM and the Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade (CIK) – and all of our course participants, I would like to thank you for your precious collaboration in organizing the RE-ORG Canada (Ontario) 3-day workshop and conference at your museum. Both events were a tremendous success and much of this owed to you and your staff, thanks to your openness, patience and active participation in what was an ambitious undertaking… to say the very least. We made it through alive with brilliant results (see attached)!

To all the RE-ORG course participants: I would like to thank  you for going above and beyond to ensure that the Brant Museum’s collection was handled with care and re-organized for better access and preservation. Now that this first phase is complete, the museum has more flexibility to be able to take on future reorganizations in other spaces. I am positive that the Brant Museum will be forever grateful to you for all your generous efforts last week. At the conference, your presentations at the conference were extremely clear and engaging… great job! Many people came up to me to say things like: “It’s good to get a reality check once in a while,” or “it’s encouraging to see that I am not alone”, or “it’s important to have a reminder that a lot of great things happen outside of the GTA and we need more opportunities like this to highlight them”. I cannot help but think that this heightened visibility will have positive repercussions!

Thank you to all our wonderful guest speakers at the conference! I received many positive comments afterwards. I’m sure your presentations will be very popular online once they are made available. Stay tuned…

Once again, thank you!!

Simon Lambert


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