Strategic Plan 2019-2021

Development of the Strategic Plan


Relaunching the museum after the mass deaccession project in 2017, discussions were had between the Executive Director, pro tempore and the Program & Community Coordinator to formulate new direction.  These discussions in early 2018 established the basis for new priorities aimed to move the museum forward including a focus on digitization and the archives.  Through 2018, staff researched digitization project management, implemented pilot collections for digitization, refined and improved workflow that were valuable in determining gaps in the digitization approach or model.


As a funding requirement from the City of Brantford’s Community Cultural Investment Program, we are required to have a strategic plan for the Brant Historical Society.  We have aligned our three-year strategic plan to coincide with this funding review, which also occurs in 2019.  This allows the organization to demonstrate that its plan aligns with federal, provincial, and municipal stakeholders.


A draft of the Strategic Plan was written in December 2018 and submitted with the proposal for the funding agreement.  The plan was presented to the Executive Director, pro tempore at a meeting in January of 2019, with suggestions noted.


In May 2019, this was discusses at the Board Meeting where “It was suggested that an evening or half day be set aside for a Special Meeting to go over the Strategic Master Plan with ALL Board members and ALL Staff members, so we can interact more with Staff, talk about shared vision, and get Staff input”.


A meeting was held on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at the Brantford Public Library to convey points of the plan to the membership.  A summary of these notes is included in Appendix B as a separate PDF.  Members overall felt that the plan included needed priorities and had several positive contributions which helped to improve the plan.  There was also a request to have a future meeting to update the membership on progress with the strategic plan.


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Appendix A – Strategic Plan Community Consultation FINAL

Appendix B – Strategic Plan Consultation Minutes