In order for the Brant Historical Society to carry on into the future, we need your support.

Financial Contributions

  • Bronze – Your gift of $25 sponsors an artefact. Our Inventory Project will add the artefact into the database, access its’ condition, and properly store the artefact for the future.
  • Silver – Your donation of $75 covers the supplies when we install a new exhibit in the temporary exhibit area, such as our Family Counselling Centre of Brant exhibit.
  • Gold – Your gift of $150 helps to support an educational program for children at the Myrtleville Museum.
  • Platinum – Your gift of $250 will sponsor our artefact of the month exhibit. Paired with our inventory project, each month we will select an artefact to place in our Research Area with a brief description of the object.


As a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Donor your name will appear on the website to identify you as a valued contributor to the Brant Historical Society. By making a monthly donation, you annual total will place you in the respective tier.


Non-Financial Contributions

  • Increase our membership – Approach people (community groups, church, neighbours) you know in the community to tell them why you are a member and encourage them to buy a membership. If you sponsor 2 new members to sign up, you will receive a package of 2 Brant Historical Society publications.
  • Volunteer – Offer to volunteer to aid in our daily operations by signing up as an Education, Event, Gardening, Curatorial, Outreach, or Fundraising Volunteer.


Through your generous contributions, we will be able to continue our essential work to preserve the history and heritage of our communities.

Please click on the link below to download the form:

Sponsorship Form