For paid research, we do require that a research request is filled out. We do not respond to requests for information that is publicly available.  Check out our links to online research resources at the bottom of the page.  The purpose of the research request is to be able to respond appropriately and efficiently to handle your request.

If you are planning on coming to the museum in person, please contact us ahead of time to reserve a spot.

As we are receiving an ongoing stream of requests, please be patient as other organization priorities will lengthen our response time. In the detail section fill out as much information as possible related to your request, things like: name, dates, locations, titles, and aliases are very helpful to our researchers.

There is a $25/hour charge for private research or $35/hour for corporate research (for people producing publications, consultants,etc.), which includes access to our database. There are also additional charges for photos, photocopies, prints, and permissions to use.  These costs cover staff time for finding resources.

Additionally, digital documents and photos can be ordered at $10/image for personal and research purposes only.  For digital and print publications, including social media, a Permission to Use Form is required.

If you are interested in research on a property, please fill out the Property Research Request Form selecting the level of research you would like completed and return by email.  For an average property, this usually takes 2-3 hours and with additional documents costs around $125 in total.

To submit a paid research request, please download the research request form and attached your completed form by email.

Computer and Server Improvements 2018 – 2019

In 2018, We received funding from the Government of Canada through Canadian Heritage and the Museum Assistance Program.  Matching funding was provided by the City of Brantford’s Cultural & Built Heritage Grant Program.  This investment has improved our ability to improve our digital storage capacity and allow researchers to find information with enhancements to our database system.

Free Resources

General Resources
Warner and Beer’s History of Brant County 1883
Reville’s History of Brant County Volume 1 1920
Reville’s History of Brant County Volume 2 1920
At the Forks of the Grand Volume 1
At the Forks of the Grand Volume 2
Resources from the County of Brant Public Library
Resources from the Brantford Public Library
Resources from Six Nations Public Library
Walker’s Studio Collection on Artefacts Canada (Thanks to Digital Access to Heritage Canadian Heritage
All Collections on Artefacts Canada
BHS Resources
BHS Online Publications
Finding Aids for Digitized Collections
Online Collections hosted by the County of Brant Public Library