Episode 1 – The Story of the Bell Memorial

In our Series premiere, Natalie recounts the creation of the Bell Memorial lead by W. F. Cockshutt, sculptor Samuel Allward, and wounded Soldier Cyril Kinsella

Episode 2 – The Forgotten Feud of the Ford

In this week’s episode, we discover why there are two memorials in Brantford to indicate the position of where Joseph Brant is believed to have forded the Grand River.

Episode 3 – Indigenous History Month

To celebrate Indigenous History Month in June, we highlight some well known Indigenous celebrities interactions with other famous Brantfordians. Find out what happens when George Henry Martin Johnson visits the Bell Homestead!

Episode 4 – The Life & Times of William Cochrane

The tables have turned! This week Nathan tells the story of William Cochrane who was born in Scotland, went to School in America, and started preaching at Zion Presbyterian Church in Brantford. He then goes on to play a crucial role for the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Episode 5 – Talk of the Town

For Canada Day, we celebrate some of the important political figures in Brantford. E. B. Wood, Arthur Sturgis Hardy, Emily Stowe, and Brantford’s own populist William Mathews!

Episode 6 – Black History in Brantford

There were many early Black Brantfordians who arrived with Joseph Brant. Join us the week for the Pre-confederation extradition of Black slave John Anderson accused of murdering Seneca Digges in Missouri. Will a habeas corpus be granted?

Episode 7 – Down the Hatch

For the season final of Brant History Happy Hour, we had to include stories about drinking. In 1907 Brantford was reported as a most profane and drunken city in Canada. Local merchants like Norman Hamilton produced whiskey in Paris and The Canadian Wine King, J. S. Hamilton, who owned Pelee Island Wine headquartered in Brantford.

Episode 8 – Blooper Reel

Thanks for joining us over the summer for Brant History Happy Hour. Join us for behind the scenes shots to see how the show has been made. You have to fail before you can succeed and some of our failures were down right funny.