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Episode Seven: A Passage Through Time (Premiered on October 10, 2020)

This week’s episode contains excerpts from the Brant Historical Society publication “A Passage Through Time”.

Episode Eight: Brantford’s Industry (Premiered on October 17, 2020)

Join us for another episode of the Brant Historical Society Podcast, where we will be learning about a few of the major industrial sites in Brantford’s history.

Episode Nine: Superstitions (Premiered on October 24, 2020)

With one week to go until Halloween, today’s podcast theme is superstitions! Is there a wacky or scary superstition that you grew up hearing?

Episode Ten: First World War Veterans (Premiered on November 7, 2020)

In this video, we discuss nine Brantford and Brant County residents that served in the First World War.

Episode Eleven: Brantford on the Home Front during the Second World War (Premiered on November 14, 2020)

In this episode, we explore the various ways local citizens contributed to the war effort here at home.

Episode Twelve: A Victorian Christmas (Premiering on December 12, 2020)

Our last episode of the year, and we have a special guest! Esther (our Education Officer) joins us to give a Christmas tour of Myrtleville House, which has been decorated for the holiday season.