During Culture Days 2020, we’ve gone completely virtual and will be shown on Facebook! If you miss it, come back to this page to view the video embedded into the website.

Our first Speaker Series focuses on Architecture in Buildings We Have Lost by Tyler Britz, local history student at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Myrtleville Mondays explore typical fall activities the Good Family would complete on the farm including preserve making and using natural dyes on wool to prepare winter garments.

A new show will Premiere on Thursdays called Archival Discoveries will open envelopes of documents to learn something new about Brantford’s history.

On Saturday, Our Podcast Series continues with A Passage Through Time, Brantford Industry, and Superstitions of Common Household Items.

Schedule of Programs

Myrtleville Mondays – Strawberry & Peach Jam
Monday, September 28 at 3 PM
A great fall activity for children to learn about making of preserves.

Speaker Series – Buildings We Have Lost
Wednesday, September 30 at 7 PM
Tyler Britz, President of Laurier Brantford History Club on will present “Buildings We Have Lost” using the historic photographs from the collection of the Historical Society.

Archival Discoveries – Episode 1 – Von Echa Company
Thursday, October 1 at 11 AM
Find out new information about this Brantford-based Company.

Myrtleville Mondays – Pickling Preserves
Monday, October 5 at 3 PM
Pickle some beets, eggs, or jalapeño peppers.

Archival Discoveries – Episode 2 – Waterous Centennial
Thursday, October 8 at 11 AM
Waterous was the first Canadian manufacturer to last 100 years. Find out how they celebrated this milestone in Brantford.

Podcast: Fall Series – Passage Through Time
Saturday, October 10 at 3 PM
A great primer about Brantford’s History.

Myrtleville Mondays – Thanksgiving Cider
Monday, October 12 at 3 PM
Enjoy a great fall and Thanksgiving treat with the apple cider press.

Archival Discoveries – Episode 3 – Lewis Burwell
Thursday, October 15 at 11 AM
Learn about Lewis Burwell – the surveyor who laid out the Town of Brantford Plot in the 1830s.

Podcast: Fall Series – Brantford’s Industry
Saturday, October 17 at 3 PM
Masseys, Cockshutts, and Brantford Cordage! Oh my! Join us for these favourites.

Myrtleville Mondays – Natural Dyes
Monday, October 19 at 3 PM
Acorns and flowers can be used to dye wool in preparation for winter projects.

Archival Discoveries – Episode 4 – Brantford & Oakland Road Company
Thursday, October 22 at 11 AM
Learn about the first highway in the Province that incorporated by an Act of the Legislature.

Podcast: Fall Series- Superstitions
Saturday, October 24 at 3 PM
A look through different global superstitions, just in time for Halloween!