Playful Pastimes

Grade Level: Kindergarten
Booking: All Year

In an age before video games, movies, or battery operated toys, how in the world did children spend their leisure time? Discover the toys and games of yesterday’s child. Students will see how the Good children lived over a hundred years ago, go for a hunt in the historic house, and bake a traditional recipe in the historic kitchen.

Program Description:

The Playful Pastimes program is designed to allow kindergarteners to learn through play. By exploring the lives of the Myrtleville Children students will continue to expand their personal and social development. This enjoyable hands-on museum experience will help foster a love of learning and support future success in field study. Young museum goers will enjoy baking in the historic kitchen, exploring the museum while on a mouse hunt, as well as making and playing with traditional wooden toys of the early settlers.


Curriculum Requirements:


  • Use play as a means to further their learning in the areas of problem solving, mathematics, science and  technology, the arts, language and to continue developing social skills.
  • Communicate effectively by listening and speaking.
  • They will practice listening, speaking and responding to fellow classmates.
  • Show awareness of the passage of time.
  • Participate in games or experiment with toys that include counting and numbers and require balance, co-ordination, perceptual skill and spatial awareness.
  • Express their own thoughts and share experiences.
  • Participate in visual arts activities using a variety of materials.
  • Compare the leisure activities of the early settlers to entertainment today.
  • Recognize the museum as a special place within the community and understand its function.