School Bells

Grade: 3
Booking: All Year

Go back in time to 1860 and discover what life was like in a one room schoolhouse! Go back to the basics and learn some “reading, writing, and arithmetic”. Students can step back in time in their own classroom and practice math skills on slate boards, read from a primer, and participate in an old fashion spelling bee.


The School Bells Educational Program is a fun day to learn through role pay. Students will obey the strict rules of the one room school house and receive a traditional reading, writing, and arithmetic lesson. From drawing and labeling a bean plant to a traditional spelling bee, these lessons will teach the students what it was really like in a one room school house. Students will enjoy writing on slate boards, and dressing up is encouraged.


Curriculum Requirements:

Grade Three

Social Studies

Heritage and Identity: Communities in Canada 1780 – 1850

A1. Application Life in Canada Then and Now

  • A1.2: Compare some of the roles of and challenges facing the people in Canada around the beginning of the nineteenth century with those in the present day.

A2: Inquiry: Community Challenges and Adaptations

  • A2.1 Formulate questions to guide investigations into some of the major challenges facing different groups and communities in Canada from 1780 – 1850.
  • A2.2 Gather and organize information on major challenges facing different groups and communities and on measures taken to address these challenges, using a variety of primary and secondary sources.
Science and Technology
Understanding Life Systems Growth and Changes in Plants
  • 3.2 Identify the major parts of plants including the root, stem, flower stamen, pistil, leaf, seed, and fruit, and describe how each contribute to the plants survival within the plants environment.


Language and Math

Students will receive a traditional reading, writing, and arithmetic lesson, and spelling bee in which students will practice their literacy and numerical skills by reading a short story, writing short sentences, practicing their printing or cursive writing, spelling of grade three level words, and solve simple addition and subtraction questions.