The Creepy Baby!

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The Creepy Baby

Woohoo! 800 likes!

As promised, we’ve put together a special post for our 800 followers. Introducing: Creepy Baby.

The artefact is a baby doll made from wood and plaster, with painted-on features. It has been dressed in a cotton sleep set, and….

Ok. We’re sorry, it’s just ridiculously creepy. We actually had to draw straws to decide which one of us had to pick her up to find her identification number. We had to get the least superstitious person to take the picture so the doll wouldn’t steal anybody’s soul. It’s just a creepy, creepy baby.

We don’t actually know anything about this doll except a bit about its composition. Its facial features have been painted on, in what we can only assume was a deliberate attempt to make it look menacing, and that someone took great care to sculpt its bottom, which is remarkable considering it would likely be covered by clothing most of the time. The item has found a home in the Brant Cradle which typically lives in our Edwardian Bedroom exhibit, fascinating and terrifying visitors and employees alike.

We’ve had a few visitors mention hearing the laughter of a little girl while touring upstairs despite the fact that there are no children in the museum. Some employees swear up and down that the place is haunted, and that it’s this doll who’s responsible. Because we don’t know where she came from, our popular mythology is that she just mysteriously appeared in the museum one day, found a place in one of the higher-visibility displays, and has been nightmare fuel ever since.

We’re putting together a social media series involving creepy baby. That’ll be starting shortly, but in the meantime we’ve put together a lil .gif to keep everyone entertained. Enjoy!!